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Our age is showing

The pipes, wires, and drains running beneath the streets of this great country are wearing out.

Decades of use have taken their toll; across the U.S. the infrastructure that served as the backbone of our nation is beginning to weaken. On average, 850 water mains break every day in North America; and that doesn’t include the other aging lines like electric and gas.

And you’re responsible

Your local utilities each do their part to keep this massive infrastructure working reliably. However, in most cases, the lines between your curb and your home are the homeowner responsibility. No worries, you’ve got homeowners insurance, right? Wrong. Since line failure isn’t considered catastrophic, homeowners insurance typically won’t cover it.

So not all home accidents are big enough to be called catastrophic; but all of them are inconvenient. For the just-inconvenient home accidents, like wear and tear on your home’s pipes and wires, we have a number of plans designed to protect your budget for a comfortable monthly fee.

Coverage: Indoors and Out

If you own a home, Home Warranty covers the repair or replacement of utility lines, for which you are responsible, and the repair of systems not typically covered by homeowners insurance.

Main/Curbline: Where your home's lines meet the utility's main line.
Weatherhead: Curved metal support for electric lines entering your home.
Protect your home from expensive repair

We’ve got you covered.

When your pipes or wires fail, our Utility Shield protection can protect you from costly repairs. Be sure to watch this quick video on how it works, how to get started, and how we’ve got you covered.

Running the numbers

According to a study by, less than half of U.S. homeowners have enough in their savings account to pay for even a minor repair to their utility lines. If you are in the same boat as over 65% of Americans, then let UtilityShield Home Services come to the rescue. For less than the cost of a typical service call, you can get a whole year’s worth of protection.

Consider this:

Even after a full year of paying $34.95 per month—for our Complete Protection, the highest level of protection we offer—your cost is less than $500. A typical outside line repair call can easily exceed $1,000, but our Complete Protection plan offers over $34,500 in protection.

Our Complete Protection plan for your inside and outside utility lines, and your home’s HVAC systems is still less than a typical repair call. So when you add in the convenience of only having to make one phone call in the event of an emergency, it’s really your time AND money that we’re protecting.

Keep your savings.
Protect your home.
Love your freedom.

Our warranty plans start at $7.50 per month and can cover up to $34,500 in repairs on wear and tear issues to your utility lines, HVAC systems, and water heater. Compared to the cost of even one of these repairs, your peace of mind comes at a fraction of what you would be paying without UtilityShield Home Services.

General Questions to Ask Before Buying:

If you’ve narrowed down your choices for home warranty, there are a few more details you might want to research before signing any contracts. Below are some of the fine-print items that often get in the way of a good contract. As always, you will want to be aware of any limitations, additions, or exclusions that might change the overall cost of the service.

Do home warranty plans include deductibles?

You should not be required to pay a deductible for your home warranty service. This is because home warranty is not an insurance product. You will want to look for a service that offers a worthwhile coverage amount with a reasonable, monthly payment and that does not require a deductible payment for work performed. That way you can ensure you are getting the best value for your protection.

Do home warranty plans include guarantees?

One of the ways a home-warranty business can afford to offer the financial assistance they provide is by guaranteeing the repairs they cover. This is intended to motivate the technicians to do the best job they can on any repairs as well as to assure the homeowner that the repaired issue is less likely to return. You will want to look for how long and how comprehensive the guarantee is before purchasing the protection.

Is there an inspection required to qualify for protection?

Some home warranty companies require an official inspection by a licensed contractor before they will offer protection to your lines and systems. If this is the case, include any costs associated with this in your overall budget. You might find that meeting this requirement puts your actual cost of protection over that of a plan that does not require an inspection.

Are there other qualifications that might affect my costs?

Factors like the age and size of your home can sometimes play a part in deciding what kind of service you may want to purchase. Be aware of potential price jumps for things like square footage, distance from the curb, and age of the home’s construction.

What is the process for making a claim?

Now that the internet is so prevalent in business, it’s easy to think that things should happen instantaneously; but with home warranty, starting a claim puts into motion a lot of different factors. To ensure that every detail is included, and to give you the best service possible, there is often a delay from when your home issue presents itself and when a solution can be provided.

With this in mind, you will want to make sure your home warranty company is just one phone number or mouse-click away. The number of steps to get to a claims specialist can often be a deciding factor when shopping for home warranty. You will also want to be aware of any 24 hour service limitations they might have, as well as if there are additional charges for “after hours” claims.

Rule of Thumb: waiting on hold when your utility line has failed can be a frustrating thing. You will want to work with a provider who makes sure their claims hotline is their first priority.

How long does a prior claim remain on my account?

You will want to be aware of the renewal period for any home warranty product you might enroll in. This becomes especially important if you have a repair that requires the full coverage amount. Any future repairs that might come up before your renewal date could potentially cost you. A reasonable renewal period is typically 180 days.

How long before my coverage begins?

Many home-warranty companies have a pre-set period between the enrollment and when the actual service begins. This can typically be anywhere between 10 and 180 days depending on what is being covered. This processing period is implemented to ensure that the protection you are enrolling in is proactive rather than in response to a pre-existing condition.
Rule of Thumb: There is never a better time than now to purchase a home warranty plan. If your line or system fails before you enroll, they cannot be protected.

Is there a fee to cancel enrollment or to switch plans?

Another common practice to keep an eye on when evaluating a home warranty plan is whether the service includes a cancellation fee. Read the fine print to any asterisks you see on the offer(s) you’re considering. Also watch for processing fees to switch or upgrade within a program. These ancillary costs can add up, possibly costing you more in the long run.
UtilityShield Home Services offers a full suite of warranty products for your home, with 12 month guarantee on covered repairs, no deductibles, and no cancellation or processing fees.

What is the track-record of the Home Warranty company?

If you really want to know how good the service you will be receiving is, check out how long your prospective company has been in business—or how many claims they’ve handled. You can usually see a dollar amount of what the company has paid in claims on their marketing collateral. If that information is not readily available, or if they won’t disclose that information when asked, consider looking for a more seasoned business to support you.
UtilityShield Home Services has successfully paid out over $7.5 Million in customer claims in over 11 states since 2009.

What if I use my family handyman for the repairs?

To ensure repairs to your home’s critical lines can be promptly handled, expertly completed, and 100% guaranteed, warranty companies utilize a network of trusted and licensed contractors. This means that repairs made by you or anyone else not approved by the home warranty provider will most likely void the guarantee and possibly even further nullify protection to that line or system. This is for your protection and to certify that the guarantee they provide is completely to code.

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